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Mission & Vision

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To take full advantage of the ever-expanding World Wide Web, and subsequently reap the many benefits of E-Commerce, one must ask:

What is the point to have the world wired to your front door if your organization is not wired internally?

That is, we need a well planned Intranet that complements the Internet. But that in turn begs the question:

What good is it to be wired internally without the right appliances to fully utilize both the Internet and Intranet?

Put another way, our challenge today is how do we fully harness the technology that already has transformed UBM into the "Virtual Bank" it has become, i.e., being available at anytime from anywhere in the world. As a result, we have elevated Our Vision to a new level, i.e.,

To function in such a manner that any transaction performed on paper is the exception... not the norm.

This will become critical in order to minimize operating costs while paying top salaries and yet remain competitive.

In keeping with Our Vision, our ongoing Mission is to be...

Your Ultimate e-Commerce Solution!

However, merely being the provider of such will not get the job done, i.e., without related special training and software support. Therefore, while we at UBM remain fully committed to providing the entire set of "old-fashioned" bank services to which we are all accustomed, Our Mission goes well beyond the traditional.