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Business Debit/ATM Cards

Ultima Bank Minnesota EMV (Chip) Debit Cards Coming Soon ... 

Ultima Bank Minnesota is in final stages of preparation to roll out the new EMV debit cards.  These cards have additional security features (over magnetic strip cards) while still giving you electronic access to your checking account.  Click this image to view our short educational video for more information. 


As we move forward, here are a few frequently asked questions and their answers.

When will I get my EMV chip card?  Your EMV card will be issued once your current card expires.  We expect our first round of EMV cards to go out in early 2016.  However, if yours expires in the next couple of months, the replacement may still be a magnetic strip card.  This card will still work.

What is EMV and what does the chip do? EMV stands for EuroPay, MasterCard, Visa.  Information programmed on the EMV chip is specific to your account. Each transaction is given a unique number offering further protection against fraud.

What is the ENFACT Fraud Detection Center and what does it do? ENFACT is a monitoring system that "scores" your transactions.  Any transaction "scored" as being “out-of-the-ordinary” compared to your normal habits, will trigger a call from the fraud detection center.  The representative will ask you to verify certain debit card transactions, and WILL NOT ask for account information or your Social Security number.  In the event they have to leave a message on your answering machine, they will leave a code number for you to use when you call back to the fraud center - again they will never ask for your account number or your Social Security number.

Why Should I know my PIN? Each card terminal may impose its own transaction requirements at checkout (PIN, signature or neither one). Be prepared by knowing your PIN to make your transaction a seamless experience. (Your PIN is the four digit security code you received by separate mailer when you initially applied for your debit card).

What if I don’t know my PIN? Call 800-421-2588 and request a PIN mailer. When you get the mailer it will provide you with your PIN and a code to change your PIN number if you so choose.

Register your card for Master Card SecureCode.


To report lost or stolen debit cards call 1-800-421-2588 or after business hours call 1-800-554-8969

** If you plan to travel outside of the U.S., please contact us at (800) 421-2588 so we can ensure your card will work properly. **

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