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Have you ever wondered what your account balance is, what items are clearing your account today or tried to watch for a specific check to post to your account? Most of us have had a situation arise with our bank account at one time or another when we have been left wondering when a particular transaction will occur. With eAlert, we help take the guess work out of managing your bank accounts by providing you with information as it happens.

When you have a specific account event that you would like to monitor, you can set-up eAlert to notify you, either via email, text or to your NetBanc message box. Events can be set-up to alert you when:

eAlert Notifications
  • a deposit has been made to your account
  • as items clear your account
  •  if your account has a low balance
  •  if a loan payment has been made and so much more.


Setting up an eAlert message is easy. Click on new in your NetBanc messages and you are on your way. For more information on eAlert, assistance in creating a message or if you would like to offer a suggestion of a message that would make your life easier, email us at or call us at (800) 421-2588 ext 102.