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Happenings and Dates to Remember

Fosston Rotary 5K will be held on Saturday, May 3rd at 10:00 a.m. with a kidís 1K at 9:30.

Highway 2 Cruisers annual car show is Saturday, August 23, from 10:00 to 2:00.

First Care Foundationís 4th Tango & Cash will be held on Saturday, October 18, at the Fosston Civic Center.












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MobileBanc FAQ

What is UBMís MobileBanc?

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MobileBanc allows you to view your Ultima Bank accounts via your mobile phone.  You can check balances, transfer funds, review account activity, pay bills, find an ATM or branch and even make a deposit.

Is there a charge to use MobileBanc?

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MobileBanc at Ultima Bank is free to all customers.  We do reserve the right to begin charging for MobileBanc or eDeposit without prior notice.  Please check with your wireless provider to determine fees associated with accessing the internet or for text messaging from your phone.

Is UBMís MobileBanc Secure?

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Yes. Industry standary encryption is utilized.  Part of our banking authentication is your phone itself.  That coupled with your password gainsaccess to your UBM accounts.

What UBM accounts can I access via MobileBanc?

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You can view UBM Checking, Savings, CDs and Loans. Deposits can only be made through the application and to Savings and Checking accounts only.

How do I get started?

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Log into either NetBanc or ExecuBanc and go to the Options tab.  Select MobileBanc Enrollment.  Enter the cell phone information requested, follow any onscreen instructions to complete the set-up to activate MobileBanc.  Text messages will be sent to you shortly thereafter if requested or setting up text banking.  For app banking enter the code GoMobile0655.

Please note - your mobile phone must have mobile web and text messaging capabilities in order to use MobileBancUBM is not responsible for any fees associated with the use of the mobile web or text messaging services.

Who do I notify if I lose my mobile phone?

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Contact us at (218) 435-2265 ext 102 or (800) 421-2588 ext 102 immediately.  You can also email us at and we will discontinue your MobileBanc access.

What if I delete my text messages?

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Text 96924 to re-open the text banking conversation.  If your link for web mobile banking has been deleted from your bookmarks and text messages, go to the Options tab of NetBanc to receive a new link.  If you have deleted the app, download it again using the code GoMobile0655.  You can also contact us at (800)421-2588 ext 102 for assistance. 

What is the web address used to access UBMís MobileBanc?

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What do I do if I forget my PIN?

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If you forget your PIN number, you can change it by logging intoExecuBanc under Options and editing your MobileBanc settings.

How do I change my cell phone number?

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If you change cell phone numbers, you can log into NetBanc or ExecuBanc under Options and editing your MobileBanc settings.