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Other Business Fees

Other Service Charges

Account Reconciliation and/or Research $25 per hour, $25 minimum
ACH Origination (Via ACH Direct) See ExecuBanc Service Fees
Additional Statement Mailing $5 per Mailing
Cut-Off Statement, Per Request $2 per statement
Credit Card Cash Advances No Charge
Check Cashing* $5 up to $100, $2 per $100 thereafter
Canadian Exchange Current Exchange Rate Plus 3%
Coin Counting (Non-Customer) $5 up to $100, 3% thereafter
Money Orders  
  ·Personal (Up to $1,000) $3
  ·Bank (Usually $1,000 & Over) $3
Collection Item $25
  ·Incoming $0.50 per page; $2.50 minimum
  ·Outgoing $1 per page; $5 minimum
Counter Checks $0.25 per check
Notary Public  
  ·Bank Customers Free
  ·Non-Customers $5
Paid Overdraft/NSF Charge-Per Item** $27
Returned NSF Charge-Per Item** $27
Continuous Overdraft/NSF Fee (charged when your account has been overdrawn for 10 consecutive business days) $27 charged to account after the 10th consecutive day overdrawn
Returned Deposited or Cashed Checks $10 per item
Garnishments, Executions, Levies $25 per service
Affidavits (ACH or Forgery) $25 per item
Ready Reserve Transfer $3 per transfer - no charge if statement is e-mailed
Photocopies $0.50 per page
Stop Payments $15 online or renewal, $25 if called in
Wire Transfers $30 (outgoing), $20 (incoming), $75 foreign (minimum)
UBM Debit Cards -  Transactions subject to ISA Fee of .09% of the Transaction Amount when card is used Internationally No Monthly Fee if account is administered electronically; $2.00/month if account is administered conventionally
Dormant Accounts:  
Checking- if no activity for 1 year & balance falls below $100 $5.00/statement cycle
Savings- if no activity for 2 years & balance falls below $100 $5.00/statement cycle
Safe Deposit Boxes (Annual Rent) ***  
  Box Size Regular Customer Senior Citizen
  3 x 5 inches $25 $20
  5 x 5 inches $35 $25
  3 x 10 inches $50 $40
  5 x 10 inches $60 $50

*Charges apply if check is not drawn on our bank and customer does not have a compensating balance in deposit accounts to cover the check being cashed.

** Fee applies to NSF (non-sufficient fund) items created by checks, in-person withdrawals, or by any other electronic means.

*** Safe Deposit Boxes not available at our Bemidji location