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We at Ultima Bank Minnesota offer a full line of Credit Services, including, but not limited to:


  • Equipment & Machinery
  • Livestock
  • Operating Lines of Credit
  • Real Estate


We offer a full set of ag related loan products. For example, our agricultural loan department...

  • can provide any type of credit whether it's for spring operating, to invest in real estate or purchase a different tractor;
  • is staffed with specialists who have the latest tools to help you manage your business needs such as cash flow projections, year-end analysis, enterprise analysis or your annual operating requirements;
  • is a "Certified" Farm Service Agency lender, which means we can expedite the FSA Guarantee Application process;
  • works closely with the Minnesota Rural Finance Authority to utilize state funded programs for loans such as Beginning Farmer Program, Restructure Program, Ag Improvement Program, Livestock Improvement Program and Stock Loan Program;
  • is a member of Farmer Mac and the Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation, which means we can make real estate loans at fixed interest rates to qualifying applicants.

We also offer very competitive rates. For more information, click here to e-mail our Ag Credit Department directly.



  • Auto
  • Home Improvement
  • Household
  • Personal
  • Recreational
  • Ready Reserve




We offer a full set of consumer related loan products. Our Personal Banking Department can assist you with your auto purchase, home improvements- such as a new garage, new siding and windows or just needed "updating" - household items, personal loans, recreational vehicles or vacations.

Ready Reserve - another name for "overdraft protection" is essentially another form of credit. However, its primary purpose is for when your checking account does not have sufficient funds short-term to cover a given transaction.

For more information, click here to e-mail our Consumer Credit Department directly.





Real Estate

  • Agricultural
  • Home Improvement
  • Residential


We offer a full set of real estate related loan products. Let our specialized loan departments can assist you with your agricultural, home improvement or residential real estate purchase or refinancing.

For more information, click here to e-mail our Real Estate Credit Department directly.

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